Innovative Projects

Created by developing products and procedures that drastically reduce the environmental impact, our innovative projects are the result of years of research and planning and are tested to be adapted to the needs of the individual customer. As technology continues to evolve, the range of innovative products we offer has become our strong point, thanks also to the customers who have placed their trust in us.


For over 20 years, Global Kem has been developing solutions for the production of chrome-free leather without hazardous substances, which is one of today’s strongest market demands


By developing new processing techniques and selected new chemicals, we have succeeded in reducing the appearance of veins on finished leathers by around 90%


The aim of project is to obtain tanned leathers using natural products and/or products derived from natural substances, without harming nature.The products used are neither organic (not derived from petrochemicals) nor inorganic (chrome or other metals) and make it possible to achieve a 100% natural finished leather


New and revolutionary leather production system, using techniques and products specially designed to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact